The original Magic Raven Ranch was built in Year 24, in Mukogree, Oklahoma, when owner Regina Moore was a junior player.  Though there was the nearby Oklahoma Park for Thoroughbreds, there wasn't yet the nearby Tulsa Park for mixed breeds.  The mixers had been implemented in SIM in Year 23, and they have always been an important part of the stable's success.

From the beginning, the emphasis was on playing all breeds, and getting the best possible success from each and every homebred, regardless of how marginal its talent.  The only aspect of SIM that was minimally contested was the All Weather division.  However, the farm's first homebred Thoroughbred Grade 1 stakes winner was the miler filly Inspired Nevada, who had been bred to be a dirt runner.  When a workout over AW produced a fast time, she was converted to that division, and won the All Weather Juvenile Fillies (now a Steward's Cup race) at the end of her 2yo season, in Year 27.  Within a few years, All Weather horses were being bred as avidly as the turf and dirt divisions.

Steward's Cup races were introduced for mixed breeds in Year 29, and Magic Raven has had at least one winner every year, except Year 31.  While Thoroughbreds have always had the most stakes winners for the farm, the only Thoroughbred Steward's Cup victories thus far occurred in Year 37, courtesy of outstanding homebred turf miler War Lock, and in Year 42 with All Weather sprint mare Paradise Street.

Starting with Year 38, the farm began to make substantial income from stud fees, as the stallion roster had gradually grown and improved over time, in addition to  ten million+ in purse earnings becoming an annual occurrence.  It was in Year 40 that the RLM colors made its first appearance as one of the top ten wealthiest players, and in Year 42 broke into the top five with a bankroll of over $42 million.

Year 43 started off a series of four consecutive seasons that saw record Grade 1 achievements for the farm, ending with 16 Grade 1 victories in Year 46.  The latter included winning the trotter Triple Crown with outstanding homebred Lifeaholic, and eight of the farm's all-time top ten earners raced that season.  In Year 44, player Regina Moore was nominated for best trainer.   

When Year 40 had ended with over $30 million in the bank, Magic Raven was able to achieve its long-time desire to expand its base of operations, and built six new farms in various parts of the world.  Two additional farms, in South America and Montana, were added at the beginning of Year 43.  The operation is now Magic Raven International, with stallions standing throughout the globe.

In terms of stats and overall success, Year 43, Magic Raven's 20th full season in the SIM, was when it was felt that the bulilding of the foundation of the farm was complete, and that Magic Raven International was a successful racing and breeding empire.

Going into Year 47, Magic Raven International has two major goals: to have a competitor in the Thoroughbred Triple Crown; and to get a Grade 1 stakes winners in Thoroughbred dirt milers, Appaloosa sprinters, and Paint routers.