General Info

I am a fifty-something who lives south of Denver, Colorado and has been happily independent.  I've always lived with two to four dogs, all but one having been shelter rescues.   I've been a freelance bookkeeper since 1997, though my B.S. from the University of Arizona is in Animal Science -- Race Track Industry.

A 2015 professional photo is here.

I can be contacted via regular email at


Racing Background

I was a passionate Thoroughbred racing fan from the age of ten, and memorized all the winners of the Triple Crown races in the fourth grade.  I was a word-for-word reader of the weekly Blood-Horse magazine from age eleven until my early thirties.  I thought it was the greatest thing that had ever happened when, in 1973, Secretariat won the Triple Crown.  In 1982, a friend and I were able to take a dream trip to Lexington, where we met Secretariat, along with many other top horses of the era.  In 1995, when the internet was new, my Ultimate Dream of racehorse ownership came true when I joined a 15-member online partnership that raced one horse in Phoenix.  I became good friends with the manager, and was eventually the bookkeeper for an organization the grew to 100 partners, and campaigned 27 horses from coast to coast over the next seven years.  At the end of that time, I felt I'd run through my passion, so to speak, and didn't need to do the racing thing anymore.  I now follow racing only marginally.

I attended the University of Arizona's Race Track Industry Program in the mid 80s.  I spent a summer internship with the United States Trotting Association, where I traveled around to Michigan fairs.  My peak experience that summer was getting to drive a Standardbred pacer for his morning jog.


Other Equine Background

I've always loved horses and have had a variety of experiences for someone who only owned a pleasure horse for a few years, and otherwise hasn't been around horses, day-to-day, in my 50+ years.  I've had a lot of lessons with jumping.  I've had saddle seat lessons riding American Saddlebreds.  As stated above, I've driven a Standardbred pacer.  I've ridden a few wonderful Arabians, purebreds and part-breds, on trail rides.  I've galloped a friend's Spanish Barb on the plains of Montana.   

I bought myself a horse for my 20th birthday, and he was an American Saddlebred that I rode hunt seat.  It was one of the greatest days at that point of my life when, a month after purchase, we won first place in a equitation class at a show held at the stable.  I was one of those people who never won anything, in any aspect of my life, and that moment was beyond description.




I had been playing animal-related online games throughout most of 2007 and 2008, when I narrowed my focus to the one that I enjoyed the most.  Then I reluctantly left that game when I could no longer tolerate the antics of the admin.  I tried a money-based acing game, but didn't like it much.  Then I discovered SIM in January 2009, when Year 23 was about two-thirds over, and quickly became thoroughly enamored of it.  I haven't played any other games since.

I absolutely love the SIM, and have always found it highly enjoyable.  This website was developed as a way to enhance that enjoyment, and for me to babble about my horses, without disturbing others.


Other Hobbies

My other major hobby is writing slash fan fiction, which I've been doing since the age of 25.  In one particular fandom, I became known as "The Queen of Hurt/Comfort".  For me, it's all about the warmfuzzies.

Beyond that, I enjoy walks, short hikes, short bike rides, and long country drives around my area, which is wonderfully conducive to those activities.