Year 19 Bay Thoroughbred Mare (Rock of Gilbraltar x Gold's Quest, by Storm Cat)

6: 5-1-0 $449,000

Foundation Mare for Thoroughbred Turf Sprinters

GOLD NUGGET was never owned by Magic Raven Ranch.  She was bred and campaigned by Norman Architecture, and then sold to The Steward for $4 million after a brief racing career that included two Grade 1 victories.  But her impact on the turf sprinting segment of Magic Raven is overwhelming.  Her purchased yearling offspring are detailed below.


YR25  Purchased EXCESS (c by Jam) at auction for $142,000 -- 17: 10-5-0, 686k, 78, wow.  1st Singapore Juvenile Sprint and Nippon Stakes and Yakuta Classix [R], 2nd Curium Stakes [G3] at 2.  1st Hong Kong Turf Sprint [G1] and Hawke's Bay Sprint [G2] and Half Moon Bay Sprint, 2nd San Domenico Stakes [G2] and Arthur's Plate Pass at 3.  1st Manchu Sprint [G3] and Single Star Turf Sprint and Hong Kong Premier Sprint, 2nd Arcadia's Dash [G2] and King's Cup [G2] at 4.  Sire.

YR29  Purchased THOUSANDS (f by Wriggle) at auction for $1,347,000 -- 26: 14-6-2, 821k, 79, wow.  1st Little Princes Stakes and Stormy Weather Stakes and Star of Wonder Stakes and Jumpstart Stakes, 2nd Diamonds and Pearls Stakes [G1], 3rd Drastic Fantastic Stakes [G2] at 2.  1st Kourian Cup and Retirement Stakes, 2nd Platnum Sprint [G3] and Gran Premio Castille at 3.  SOUTH PACIFIC CHAMPION OLDER FEMALE --1st Duet Stakes [G2] and Memorial Stakes [G3] and Reassure Stakes and The Club Stakes, 2nd Krasinkaya Stakes, 3rd Highland Lass Stakes [G3] at 4.  SOUTH PACIFIC CHAMPION OLDER FEMALE -- 1st Snuggle Sprint [G2] and Highland Lassie Stakes [G3] and Reassure Stakes, 2nd Instant Millions Cup [G1] at 5.  Retired to be a "formidable" broodmare for Magic Raven Ranch.  Dam of --

Terrorizing (c by Terrorized, B+) -- 6: 1-1-0, 10k, 70, OK.  Pensioned at 4.

Grand Eyes (f by Terrorized, B+) -- 12: 1-4-3, 33k, 70, OK.  Retired at 3 to be a "formidable" broodmare for Magic Raven Ranch.  Dam of --

Grand Excess (f by Excess, B) -- 11: 1-1-2, 19k, 71, CL.  Pensioned at 4.

Excessively Grand (c by Excess, B) -- 13: 1-6-2, 33k, 64, CL.  Pensioned at 3.

no foal

Inspectress (f by Typhoon Bay, B) -- 6: 1-0-0, 11k, 66, CL.  Pensioned at 4.

Thunder Watch (c by Typhoon Bay, B) -- 9: 2-3-0, 26k, claimed at 3.

Grandlee (f by Midnight Martyr, B-) -- 5: 1-0-0, 15km 70, C, claimed at 3.

Mr. Many (c by Mr. Vain, B+) -- 38: 6-12-4, 209k, 78, stakes.  2nd Moscow Juvenile Trial and Famagusta Cup and Red and White Stakes at 2.  Claimed at 5 for 1k.  (Multiple stakes placed at 5 and 6, stakes placed at 7.)

Supreme Wealth (c by Perfect Night, B+) -- 5: 1-0-0, 8k, 69, OK.  Pensioned at 2.

Thousand Gods (f by Hand of God, B+) -- 12: 1-4-1, 35k, 71, wings.  Retired at 3 to be an "unpredictable" broodmare for Magic Raven RanchDam of --

God Fearing (c by Terrorized, B) -- 11: 1-2-3, 22k, C, pensioned at 3.

Fright Deity (c by Terrorized, B) -- 9: 2-2-2, 36k, 78, S, at 3.

Night Count (c by Midnight Martyr, B) -- 2: 1-0-0, 21k, 71, C, at 2.

Thousand Force (f by Typhoon Bay, B) -- C, 22.83

Typhoon Idol (c by Typhoon Bay, B)

Riches Away (f by All Too Hard, B+) -- 11: 1-1-3, 32k, 73, solid.  Retired to be a "potential" mare for Magic Raven Ranch.  Dam of --

Heroic Wealth (c by Midnight Martyr, B-) -- 4: 1-0-0, 6k, 73, C, pensioned at 3.

Summer Riches (c by Midnight Martyr, B) -- 2: 0-1-0, 3k, 63, DC, at 2.

Bay Away (c by Typhoon Bay, B-)

Lord Millenial (c by Lord Kanaloa, B+) -- 9: 1-0-3, 38k, 70, claimer. 3rd Great Grilling Stakes [R] at 2.  Pensioned at 3.

Midnight Theft (c by Midnight Martyr, B) -- 18: 2-8-2, 66k, 72, P, claimed at 5.

Millennial Marker (f by Typhoon Bay, B) -- 9: 1-2-2, 15k, 72, S, at 4.

Millionth (f by Midnight Martyr, B) -- 6: 2-0-1, 26k, 80, S, claimed at 3.

Plankton (c by Typhoon Bay, B) -- 3: 1-1-1, 14k, 81, P, at 2.

YR30  Purchased  DEVINE INSPIRATION (c by Devine Park) at auction for $384,000 -- 40-13-11-4, 757k, 80, wings/wow, through 6yo.  1st Dashing Through the Green Stakes and Light of Gold Stakes and Md Bred Stakes [R], 2nd South African Nursery [G2] and Amboseli National Park Stakes, 3rd Bling Bling Stakes [G3] at 2.  1st Breeders' Trophy, 2nd Bald Man Stakes [G2] and Maryland Stakes [R] at 3.  1st GWC Link Stakes [G3], 2nd Aqua Stakes and The Speedster Sprint, 3rd Cachito Mio Trophy at 4.  2nd Money Giver Stakes and Boni National Reserve Sprint, 3rd Impala Sprint Stakes [G2] and Lodwar Sprint [G3] at 5.  1st The Awad Turf Sprint [G3] and Prix Right Hand Man [G3] and A Float Sprint and One May Smile Stakes and Fishing the Keys Dash, 2nd Green Dash Stakes [G3] at 6. 2nd Color Scheme Dash at 7.  Pensioned at 7.

YR32  Purchased Golden Saint (f by St. Eustatius) at auction for $557,000-- 13: 5-2-0, 87k, 78, wings.  2nd Maid of Kent Stakes and Splendid Victory Stakes at 3.  Retired at 3 to be a blue hen broodmare for Magic Raven Ranch.  Dam of --

Fear Light (c by Terrorized, B+) -- 6: 1-2-0, 36k, 75, OK/wings.  Santa Fe Juvenile Turf Sprint and Candy Ride Stakes at 2.  Pensioned at 2.

CONSOLER (f by Terrorized, B+) -- 24: 10-3-3, 507k, 80, stakes.  1st Morphou Bay Stakes [G3] at 2.  1st Four of Wand Stakes and Premio Over, 2nd Singapore Prize [G2], 3rd Cotton Avenue Stakes at 3.  1st Swan Stakes [G2] and The Bombers Classic [G2] and Shamrock Stakes, 2nd Duet Stakes [G2] at 4.  1st Welcome Home Stakes [R] at 5.  Retired at 5 to be an "unpredictable" broodmare for Magic Raven Ranch. Dam of --

Consoling Art (f by Zoffany, B) -- 9: 1-0-3, 19k, 66, C, at 4.  3rd The Bubbly Sprint Stakes at 2.  Retired to be a "potential" broodmare for Magic Raven Ranch.  Dam of --

Typhoon Art (c by Typhoon Bay, B-)

Direct Counsel (c by Typhoon Bay, B) -- 8: 1-1-0, 16k, 70, pensioned at 3.

Sheltered Bay (f by Typhoon Bay, B) -- 7: 2-2-0, 26k, 79, S, at 3.

Favorite Number (f by Reckoner, B) - 3: 0-1-0, 3k, 69, C, at 2.

Sainted Place (f by Typhoon  Bay, B+) -- 6: 1-0-1, 8k, 69, OF.  Retired at 3 to be an "unpredictable" broodmare for Magic Raven Ranch.  Dam of --

Pierrot (c by Pierro, B) -- 16: 1-4-3, 47k, 68, DC, at 4yo.

Scared Stiff (c by Terrorized, B-) -- 10: 3-0-0, 35k, 81, P, at 3yo.

Temple Place (f by Mongolian Saturday, B) -- C, 22.79

MIDNIGHT MARTYR (c by Perfect Night, B+) -- 14: 7-3-1, 440k, 83, scary/wow.  1st Los Campeones Junior Sprint [G1] and Kurofone Stakes [G2] and Nakayama Pass Stakes [G3], 2nd Gifted Stakes, 3rd Lord Kanola Stakes [G1] at 2.  1st Prix Mardi Gras and Early Retirement Stakes, 2nd Prix Chambord [G3] and Black and Tan Stakes at 3.  Sire.

FEARLESS SAINT (c by Terrorized, B+) -- 34: 12-4-5, 305k, 87, wow/alw/ST,alw, at 7yo.  3rd Big Ben Stakes [G2] and Premio Gran Futuro Stakes at 2.  1st Prix Louis XIV, 2nd Moscow Hero's Championship at 5.  1st Claiming Cup Emerald [R], 3rd Protection Stakes and Clearwater Dash at 6.  1st North Country Stakes and Protection Stakes at 7.

Typhoon Deity (c by Typhoon Bay, B+) -- 19: 6-6-4, 141k, 80, stakes, claimed at 4.  2nd Scotland Yard Stakes and Chord Stakes, 3rd Beat Stakes at 2.

PREMIER GOLD (c by Winston Churchill, B+) -- 17: 5-1-3, 201k, 79, Alw.  1st Smith Stakes and Sidney Celebration Gelding Stakes [R] and GWC Royal Glint Stakes [R], 3rd Eclipse Trophy [G3] at 2.  1st Sunny New Year's Stakes at 3.  2nd Arya's Honor Stakes at 4.  Pensioned at 5.

Sainted Way (f by Pit Road, B+) -- 7: 1-1-0, 16k, 68, S.  Retired to be a "potential" broodmare for Magic Raven Ranch.

Holy Countess (f by Reckoner, A-) -- 6: 1-1-1, 25k, 77, C, at 3.  3rd Premio Flamenco at 2.

Count Golden (f by Reckoner, A) -- 3: 2-0-0, 16k, 83, P, at 2.

Pensioned at 12.







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